Tuesday, 3 January 2017

The Three Faces to Consciousness

Have you ever wondered why no one understands you?

What I mean, is understanding you the same way you understand yourself??
I have a theory on this.

A few years ago I volunteered at a Drama workshop.
Out of nowhere, the lady who was ran the workshop, asked me,  'Which face are you displaying?..' My hair- trigger thought was, 'Does she think I’m being two-faced??'
As she explained the concept I considered that their just may be some weight to what she was saying...

'The Japanese believed that you have three faces; the first face is what the world sees. The second face is what your friends and family see and Final face is what no one sees, this is the face true to you'.

Like many, I was raised in the Modern Society of Western Culture.  Through personal study, I believe it is a proven theory, that this "So-called Japanese Myth" is true
I believe, that this has a serious effect upon our mental structure. 

This is my take on the three faces and their uses.

The First face
The first face is known as the RECEIVER. The RECIEVER is the face that everyone and anyone can see - the same face you offer your family and friends.
This face, will change depending on how you react to the readers response!
You only have five percent control over this face, why?
Because you cannot control how others read you !, It is impossible! You yourself only own 5% of the readers reaction, because the reader who views you, responds to the face you Project. 

A  negative but current prime example of this would be
‘The resting Bitch Face’
Identified by the two people below 

Rihanna & Kayne West 2016  .

Literally how many time have you met up with friends and they have told you, "My friend saw you the other day, but you looked at him funny or you looked angry!"
 But you were feeling just fine! Coffee and Daydreaming resting face’. Feeling the need to explain your energy!, the reason? 
You cannot change the way somebody reads you when you are unaware that it was happening!

The Second Face
The second face is the ’OFFER’.  Now note that I call this the OFFER and not the giver.
You must remember people have the right, to decline what your offering. This the face you choose to offer people base on your own personal gain.  
Everyday when in contact with others, you will choose  based on your current situation the face you wish to OFFER. This is the face you project for others to see, whether good or bad. It's the Protector/Armour it's the front the shield. It's Confidence/Jealousy sitting on a fence. Now you can control this Face 100%, however, be warned too much of something will become something has its lasting effects.

Let me make this clear for you! 
Growing up, we all went through a stage where we was known will be known for something in particular. 
Maybe in school, you was a bit of a class clown. No matter how old you get, your friends from school will always know you by the character you displayed to them.
But in college you stepped your game up!
You are known as Flirt, who is very full of himself or the opposite someone highly intelligent. Your colleagues will hold you by this image.
If try to change the face you are now offering them, some not all will choose to decline the new face.
This is based on how they saw you and wish to continue to see you. I'm now assuming that You would become frustrated, because you cannot control how that person sees you.

For this very reason, the face is no longer in Rotation. For this very reason, it becomes Predictable; the reader is blind to change.

You now own 95% and the rest relies on the Reader. However, whether they accept or decline it doesn't really have a major effect on you if you don't care about their opinion anyway.

"Which most may not" If you are a user of 'the resting bitch face'

Through combining faces one and two, the two faces emerge together; creating a mirror reflection of oneself.

Just think; A Person who can easily become Socially Awkward, with the need to portray a certain character based on their social environment.

'You don't drink but do and attend the pub after the work every Friday with collegues'.  'The Need to entertain - giving a false representation of yourself' is all a part of the offer.

The Third Face
The third and Final face is known as the  ‘CONNECTION’ this is the physical face that no one sees, it's the face based on emotion. The face that keeps you safe mentally and emotionally.
This is the face that stares back at you in the mirror.
This is the face you confide in, when you're happy and when you most Vulnerable. This is the face which psychologist say could decide your mental Health.
This face is a manipulator, to both faces one and two and will take over anytime if you let it. 

Am I Crazy? Is it just me who talks to myself? Am I different? Why do I overthink everything?

I Believe if you are aware of the three faces , you are Conscious !!

Interesting clips below attached to this Myth;




This is the First step to controlling the energy around you and the positive and negative effects people have on you.

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